Written by Joseph Furlott who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. I am a software engineer that specializes in designing and building web applications using React. I work at Datadog as a software engineer.


React, GraphQL, and Rails

May 24, 2020

Recently, I have been working on a new application that allows Instagram content creators to have a custom webpage-like experience in their…

Releasing Chrona

July 14, 2019

I am very excited to announce Chrona! It is an open source project that I have been working that provides a simple REST interface to…

Handling User Sessions with React Context

April 28, 2019

One of the most fun aspects of starting a new project is getting to work with the latest technologies. This time around we chose to keep…

Tutorial - Setting Up a Simple Isomorphic React app

June 12, 2015

This tutorial is heavily deprecated. Please visit https://medium.com/front-end-developers/handcrafting-an-isomorphic-redux-application-with…

Workflow with Unity

June 02, 2015

Ever since I started using linux in 2006, I have been on the quest for a perfect working environment. I used Gnome and KDE for many years. I…

Tutorial - Continuous Integration with dokku-alt

April 02, 2015

I recently rolled my own continuous integration, and ran into a couple problems that I think others might run in to, as well. It took just a…

Tutorial - Simple Regex Filter with React.js and Immutable.js

April 01, 2015

This tutorial explains how to create a simple regex filter in React. It allows the user to enter text, and have the a table of data…

Tutorial - Setting Up a Single Page React Web App with React-router and Webpack

February 27, 2015

Note: this tutorial assumes React 0.13 and React-Router 0.13. Updates coming soon for the new versions There are many different ways of…

Setting up react-hot-loader

January 31, 2015

Coming from using Browserify in my build tasks and seeing some of the really cool stuff at the React.js conference, I got interested in…

Creating react-styleguide

December 30, 2014

One thing that more web developers should do when building a website is create a styleguide — even if it is only internal. It is great…

Building react-viewport

December 27, 2014

At work I often have trouble taking advantage of using vh and vw units in CSS due to the browser compatibility. Complete lack of or partial…

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