Record Bets

react, node, tailwind, graphql, typescript, devops

Easily manage, track, and share sports handicapping cards with subscribers.


react, node.js, typescript, open source, api, aws, devops

Open-sourced API for saving and sharing your bookmarks

This Website

react, gatsby

Uses React by way of Gatsby to create a static site with blog entries as Markdown. Deployed using AWS Amplify!

Past Projects


react, node.js, typescript

A platform to help property managers procure, repair, and maintain HVAC assets at their properties. Designed and engineered the Node.js backend, React frontend, development operations to AWS, and mobile react-native applications. Additionally responsible for the maintenance of the corporate landing marketing page, and internal/external design materials. Also, responsibile for a React Native application that allows mobile access to the main Ravti web app. Includes navigation, access to the website, and a QR Code scanner that scan the codes from their HVAC inventory. Handled from beginning to Apple's app store production, and includes 90%+ transferable code to the same app on the Android platform.

NYC Subway App

react, swift, react-native

Originally started as a react-native project to experience the development and release lifecycle of working with react-native in the iOS app store. After successfully launching, ported the app to Swift proper to release again. A very fun and constructive learning experience.

Open Source Projects


node, typescript, express, jest

A simple starter project with node and typescript with express, jest, eslint, and prettier setup.



Deprecated nowadays but was an early-react-days project to make it easier to getting started with a React project. create-react-app and other ways of managing server side rendering have since ended the need for this project (and thankfully).

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